Taioba Manual: A brief introduction to the world of vinyl records.

Taioba Manual: A brief introduction to the world of vinyl records.

Before hipsters became cool in the golden era of the 2010s, vinyl records was experiencing what many thought would be its decline. The growing interest in high-fidelity music and nostalgia for the 1970s and 1980s made this audio format a favorite among music fans. Many young adults grew up listening to vinyl records, and by 2023, they had become a collectible item for both their sound quality and sentimental value.

If you're thinking about entering the world of vinyl records, this brief guide is for you. To ignite the passion for those who haven't started collecting yet, here are 5 Taioba Records tips for those who want to dive into this world.


What are the essential records for YOUR collection? These are the albums you love, know, and want to listen to again and again. Think about the albums you always play on Spotify, the ones on your phone or computer.

Start with three titles from three different artists that you love. These records will be the foundation of your collection and will help you discover new artists and musical genres. Then, delve deeper into their discographies. With a solid foundation of YOUR classics, you can start exploring other artists.


To keep your vinyl records in good condition, it's important to follow some tips:

  • Store the records in a cool, dry place. Protecting your vinyl from dust and humidity is essential for ensuring its durability, so plastic protection should be maintained to keep the vinyl record in good condition.
  • Learn effective methods to keep your records free of dirt. Don't clean the records with chemicals, don't touch them with your fingers, and don't expose them to liquids. To preserve the vinyl in good condition, avoid getting the center of the record wet, even with a sponge and soap.
  • Worn needles can cause damage, while high-quality cartridges produce better sound quality. Therefore, it's important to replace the needles regularly and keep the cartridges clean.


There are various types of record players available, from simple and inexpensive models to sophisticated and expensive ones. When choosing a turntable, consider the following factors:

  • Price: Record Players vary in price, and cheaper models usually lack extra features such as a pre-amplifier or USB output.
  • Sound quality: The sound quality of the record player depends on various factors, including the type of cartridge and needle used. For beginners, it's recommended to choose a pre-mounted needle and cartridge set. This makes the installation and configuration process easier.
  • Features: Some record players have additional features mentioned above, as well as different playback speed and Bluetooth output that allows you to stream the turntable's sound to a speaker. Evaluate which features are essential for you when investing.


  • Research new artists and musical genres. Music reviews are a great way to discover new artists. Additionally, streaming services are a great way to listen to music from a variety of genres.
  • Discover limited editions and exclusive pressings of classics and your favorite albums;
  • Explore contemporary releases on vinyl records, showing that the format is still alive and vibrant even in artists of the current generation;
  • Attend vinyl-related events, such as record fairs and listening parties, and connect with other vinyl records enthusiasts at local events and online communities. By sharing your discoveries, you can receive valuable suggestions from other enthusiasts.


You can buy vinyl records at specialized stores, bookstores, thrift stores, and online. When buying vinyl records, it's important to check if they are in good condition. The records should be clean, without scratches and signs of wear.

Here are some tips to check the condition of a vinyl record:

  • The cover should be clean and undamaged;
  • The record should be clean and without scratches;
  • Listen to the record to check for sound issues.

Specialized stores are the best option for those who want to find a wide variety of high-quality vinyl records. Taioba Records is a specialized store with an extensive catalog for those looking for Brazilian vinyl records.

We are a team of music lovers, who share a passion for vinyl records and the unique sound they bring. Our online store offers a carefully selected range of limited edition vinyl records, exclusively released in Brazil. We believe that music has the power to connect people, and we strive to bring that connection to you. Our website is designed to make it easy for you to find the records you love, and our customer service team is always here to help.

We ship our records to more than 65 countries, ensuring that our customers receive their purchases in perfect condition, no matter where they are located. Whether you’re a seasoned vinyl collector or a music lover who wants to discover something new, Taioba Records has something for everyone.

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