We are an independent Brazilian record store

Far from the big cities and located in Brazil's tropical northeast, Taioba is a store focused exclusively on Brazilian music.

Immersed in Brazilian culture, Taioba goes to the deeps of Brazil to seek out the best in regional and popular music, as well as the latest releases.

Where to find us

A little bit of our history

At the beginning of 2023, what had previously been just a collector's hobby since 2021 was given a name: Taioba Records, an online store dedicated to selling Brazilian records to foreign markets. The name was inspired by the song "Taioba" by Os Ipanemas, reflecting the mission to share Brazilian music internationally.

Over time, domestic demand in Brazil became clear and Taioba Discos was born. This new phase allowed not only the sale of records, but also the creation of a meeting point for lovers of Brazilian music in João Pessoa, Paraíba.

Taioba Discos began to focus on music from Paraíba, our home state, rescuing rare records and promoting independent music in vinyl format. The store's mission has evolved to include the revitalization of Paraíba music, finding and distributing musical treasures hidden in warehouses, sebos and family collections.

Believing in the healing and consoling power of music, Taioba Discos carries out its work with love and dedication. More than a store, Taioba is a meeting place for lovers of Brazilian music, where stories intertwine and feelings are shared.