From Gilsons to Gabriele Leite, discover diversity and dive into new brazilian voices

From Gilsons to Gabriele Leite, discover diversity and dive into new brazilian voices

Step into the vibrant world of contemporary Brazilian music with our latest exploration of New Brazilian Voices. From Gilsons to Gabriele Leite, let's delve into some of the standout albums!

Our exploration brings you a selection of contemporary Brazilian music that defies genre boundaries and celebrates the rich cultural tapestry ofthe country. These artists offer a kaleidoscope of sonic experiences that will take you on a musical journey like no other. 

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Bernardo Ramos, "Cangaço" 

To begin our list, we present you Bernardo Ramos, a Brazilian musician and composer known for his ability to combine traditional elements with a contemporary approach.

With "Cangaço," Bernardo Ramos takes listeners on a journey through the rugged terrain and resilient spirit of northeastern Brazil. Inspired by the rugged landscapes and resilient spirit of the region, Ramos infuses classical rhythms with modern sensibilities, creating an album that serves as both a homage to the Sertão and a reflection of contemporary Brazilian music.

From the haunting melodies of "Cangaço" to the rhythmic intensity of "Intensidades N1º," each track invites listeners on a journey through the heart and soul of Brazil's northeastern landscapes.


Thiago Amud, “O cinema que o sol não apaga” 

Thiago Amud, a multifaceted artist, finds inspiration in personal experiences and the urban landscapes of Rio de Janeiro. He weaves compelling stories in his lyrics and creates immersive soundscapes, resulting in "O cinema que o sol não apaga," an album that goes beyond being just a collection of songs.

Instead, it is a cinematic experience for the ears. Drawing inspiration from film scores and personal memories, Amud weaves together a collection of songs that bring a range of emotions, from nostalgia to euphoria.

The album is a true testament to Amud's collaborative spirit and artistic vision. From the dreamy introspection of "A Mais Bela Cena" to the pulsating rhythms of "Calunga e Sebastião," he takes the listener through the highs and lows of his journey.

With each song offering a glimpse into Amud's musical universe, "O cinema que o sol não apaga" is an unforgettable experience!

Sylvio Fraga, “Robalo Nenhum” 

Sylvio Fraga is a musical visionary who defies conventions and explores new territories in his work. "Robalo Nenhum" has a genre-defying sound and emotion that pushes the boundaries of Brazilian music. With a diverse array of compositions, the album is a testament to Fraga's collaborative spirit and innovative approach. 

Combining elements of folk, jazz, and experimental music, Fraga creates a landscape that is both familiar and unexpected. Furthermore, the album is truly a work of art, with each track offering a fresh perspective on the possibilities of Brazilian music in the 21st century.

Gabriele Leite, "Territórios" 

Gabriele Leite is a talented composer and arranger whose music celebrates the diversity and richness of contemporary Brazilian music. Because of that, her first album, "Territórios", is a odyssey that transcends borders and boundaries.

Produced by Leite herself, the album features versions of an all-star cast of musicians, including Heitor Villa-Lobos, William Walton, and Edino Krieger. With the team, she weaves together influences from Brazil, Africa, and Europe to create a truly global sound.

"Territórios" is a testament to Leite's talent as a composer and arranger, with tracks meticulously crafted to showcase her vision. From the infectious grooves of "Ritmata" to the haunting beauty of "Melodia Sentimental," the album is a journey through the cultural landscapes of Brazil. And it goes beyond, inviting listeners to also explore new horizons. 

Gilsons - “Várias Queixas” 

The Gilsons are a dynamic and captivating band that captures the vibrant spirit of contemporary Brazilian music. The group (Francisco Gil, João Gil, and José Gil) blends catchy melodies, rhythms, and inspiring lyrics to create a unique musical experience that resonates with audiences of all ages.

If you're a fan of world music, Gilsons' upcoming release "Várias Queixas"  will be a breath of fresh air: a radiant album that captures the spirit of contemporary Brazilian music. 

The album shows a fusion of classic and contemporary tunes, drawing inspiration from a diverse range of genres including samba, bossa nova, funk, and pop. Francisco, João, and José masterfully craft infectious grooves and introspective ballads, ensuring that Gilsons' music resonates with listeners of all ages.

"Várias Queixas" is an ode to life, love, and happiness, boasting catchy melodies and thought-provoking lyrics. So why not give Gilsons a listen today and discover the vibrant spirit of Brazilian music for yourself?


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